Women are at a higher risk of heart disease

Previous research has shown women ages 55 and younger have about double the risk of in-hospital death from a heart attack versus men.

New study looked at whether women are also more likely to need further hospital treatment after a heart attack versus men.

Researchers followed almost 3,000 men and women treated in a hospital after a heart attack.

Results: about 30% of the participants were re-hospitalized in the year after their heart attack.

Women were almost twice as likely to need hospital treatment, and were also twice as likely to need treatment for issues not related to the heart –especially depression.  Depression increases risk of heart disease by us much as 64%.

Three steps to a healthier heart:

Cut sugar: study showed people with diets in the highest 20% of the glycemic index were 50% more likely to have a heart attack, stroke, or die if they had a pre-existing condition (such as diabetes or cancer), and 20% more likely to experience these if they had NO pre-existing conditions.  High glycemic index carbs = potato, bread, and rice.

Grape Seed OPCs: 150-300 mg daily.

Reduces blood pressure.

Improves circulation and blood flow.

Strengthens blood vessels.

Vitamins A (10,000 IU), D3 (5,000 IU), K2 (45 mcg)

Keeps arteries flexible and strong.

Prevents dangerous blood clots and calcium deposits (plaque) in the arteries.

Reduces risk of heart disease.