Winter is not just the season for sinusitis and bronchitis

I find more people complaining of sinusitis throughout the year.  Perhaps it’s due to the change of diet or chemicals in our food and in the air.  One way to treat sinusitis with natural herbs is to use a combination of eucalyptus oil and oil of myrtle.  When these two herbs are found in a softgel capsule, with a special enteric coating, the oils are able to go into the lower intestines without being dispersed in the stomach. 

Eucalyptus and myrtle work wonders for sinusitis and bronchitis.  This combination is the number two selling product of all natural products in Germany.  It has been sold for over 80 years in Germany.  There are no side effects and no toxic levels.  Taking 1 or 2 softgels of a special enteric coated eucalyptus and myrtle combination relieves sinusitis and bronchitis as effectively as drugs without addiction or side effects.  Because of this special enteric coating, there is no aftertaste or burping of the oils.