The antioxidant power of Grape Seed extract.

Anyone who has followed my lectures or radio shows knows how I respect the virtues of curcumin.  I also have a deep respect for a tannin-free, high absorption Grape seed extract (OPC).  Curcumin does affect thousands of pathways in the body versus a drug that affects only one pathway in the body at a time.  That’s why curcumin can virtually treat every health condition imaginable.  With that being said, Grape seed is the other half of a dynamic duo that can improve your health. 

For several years in the 1990’s, Grape seed extract was considered the curcumin of the 1990 decade.  Now, the sales of curcumin are the fastest growing in the country.  So why has Grape seed extract lost its shine?  It’s a shame that many very important herbal remedies previously on the market are no longer now considered valuable.  Companies will try to sell a cheaper version for a marketing edge.  So the quality of the herb, Grape seed, is lowered to be able to lower the retail price.  This is a way to destroy the botanical industry.  A great medicinal herb is pushed aside and destroyed by a low quality, low priced product.  Therefore, we lose the ability to purchase high quality herbs because eventually  everyone tries to sell a low priced product. 

In other words, the low quality, discounted product eliminates the high quality, high priced product, and then the low quality product at a low price eliminates itself because it doesn’t work!  Are we interested in buying low quality products at low prices or are we looking for high quality products at reasonable prices that are effective?  The high quality Grape seed extract followed that same course.  Low quality, cheap discounted products brought in from China put the high quality Grape seed extract out of business.  When you come down to the bottom line, a high quality, well defined Grape seed extract concentrated with low weight molecules that are 100% absorbed will provide benefits comparable to curcumin. 

There are over 10,000 studies done on Grape seed extract.  The most effective are those that are well defined and tannin-free.  Tannins have no biological value and are unabsorbable by the human body.  Yet you could have a Grape seed capsule containing 90% or even up to 99% OPCs, but they are such a large molecule (tannins) that they can’t be absorbed but they can still be called OPCs.  Grape seed extract has been shown to treat stage 4 colon cancer more effectively than chemotherapy, and also treat oral, throat and neck cancers more effectively than chemotherapy.  Grape seed extract is more powerful as an antioxidant than curcumin and can maintain a balance between oxidants, those that are destructive to the life of our cells and antioxidants.  Oxidants prematurely age and destroy our cells, and also damage our DNA and our genes.  Oxidants are caused by smoking, chemicals, the oxygen we breathe, excessive sun, pesticides, and preservatives like nitrates and nitrites. 

When our body is balanced with more antioxidants than oxidants, we have a better quality of life.  Grape seed extract can control blood sugar levels, high blood pressure, inflammation, and functions as an anticancer botanical medicine.  Grape seed extract has a stronger and more positive effect on cardiovascular disease than does curcumin.  The best results and the best of two worlds would be to use curcumin and Grape seed extract together.