That all vitamins and minerals are classified as ESSENTIAL TO LIFE.

That means we need all the vitamins and all the minerals on a daily basis to maintain a healthy body. They are essential to life. If we are missing even one vitamin or one mineral, our bodies are unable to maintain good health. Without good health, one or more systems of the body will malfunction and possibly display the malfunction in a sign or symptom of illness. To regain our health, it is necessary to fill in the missing nutrient, vitamin or mineral, to correct the damage. While medications can provide life saving measures in a crisis or in an emergency, they do NOT ensure overall good health. The more we build a good, healthy body through a healthy diet, acceptable levels of exercise, sufficient sleep, avoiding bad habits such smoking, drugs, and excess alcohol, the more we can withstand the effects of oxidative and inflammatory damage, which is the cause of 98% of all disease. The basic foundation of good health is what we eat or what we don’t eat. FOOD IS YOUR BEST MEDICINE!