Strontium: your element for strong bones

Strontium can have a tremendous effect in positively changing bone health and bone density. In fact, it can fight and possibly even prevent osteoporosis. My good friend, Dr. Jonathan Wright, observed significant improvement in the bone density of his patients who used strontium citrate, which of the several forms available, is the most easily absorbed by the body.

The results of a three year, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study using 2 grams of strontium daily were published in the New England Journal of Medicine, and were impressive: women suffering from osteoporosis experienced a 41% reduction in risk of a vertebral fracture compared to the placebo group. Overall, vertebrae density in the strontium group increased 6.8% but there was a 1.3% decrease in the placebo group.

Strontium citrate is very safe and non-toxic. The women in the studies using 2 grams of strontium per day experienced no significant side effects. I’d say that the only concern when using strontium is that it should be taken separated by at least two hours from your calcium supplement. Strontium and calcium fight for the same pathway in the body and strontium will always win. Nonetheless, be sure to take your calcium supplement, too. As for dosage of Strontium, I would suggest taking 680 mg once daily.