Speaking of COVID – One Reason Why Obesity Makes it Worse

Recent research has found that people with obesity who become infected with COVID-19 are:

–113% more likely to be hospitalized

–48% more likely to die from COVID

Now experts are identifying WHY obesity makes viral diseases such as COVID more dangerous.

–One finding: Fat cells interfere with the body’s immune system and delay its response to infection, allowing the virus to spread out of control before the immune system begins to fight back


Protection Against All Types of Viral Infections –Not Just Coronavirus

Andrographis: great for cold and flu treatment and prevention –quickly relieves symptoms such as cough, headache, and sore throat

Elderberry: neutralizes virus particles AND causes the immune system to activate, which can help control the spread of a viral infection (especially effective against the flu)

Propolis: ideal for treating upper respiratory tract infections and ear infections –great for kids

Vitamin D: protects against COVID-19 – those with the lowest vitamin D levels most likely to be infected and experience more serious symptoms