Rhodiola Boosts Attention

50 healthy adults received 400 mg of standardized rhodiola extract for 12 weeks. They underwent standardized tests for concentration and attention at the beginning of the study, and again at week 6 and week 12.

The results: over the course of the study, participants saw significant improvement in attention

–Reaction times increased

–Error rates decreased

This study confirms results found in previous research that rhodiola can:

–Boost energy

–Increase mental performance and concentration

–Improve physical fitness and reduce mental fatigue

How to use Rhodiola:

•Combine with another proven botanical, ashwagandha, for energy, focus, and concentration

•Can be taken daily for energy, immune support, mental clarity, etc.

•Or, use when needed during times of increased stress or illness

•Take on an empty stomach if possible

•500 –1,500 mg of the combination daily