Olive oil for reduced risk of stroke

• Researchers divided 63 adults with obesity, but no history of heart disease, diabetes, or smoking, into groups based on how often they consumed olive oil

–Once a week or less

–1-3 times a week

–4 or more times per week

• Researchers measured each participant’s level of platelet activation

–Platelet activation is one of the first steps in blood clotting

–Clotting for wound healing = necessary and beneficial

–Abnormal clotting in blood vessels = increased risk of heart attack/stroke

–Obesity is associated with increased levels of platelet activation.  One study found platelet activation was 77% higher in obese women versus normal weight women

• Results: obese people with the highest intake of olive oil had the lowest platelet activation, meaning reduced risk of heart attack and strokes!

The ideal dosage is 1½-2 tablespoons of olive oil daily