Menopause Can Be a Breeze

Most women suffer the symptoms of menopause over a period of 5 to 10 years. The symptoms can range from hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain, mood swings and irritability.  The change of life can even have a greater effect on women due to bone loss which significantly increases the risk of osteoporosis.  Women have probably suffered these effects for hundreds of years if not thousands.  No drugs have been effective and many natural herbal products are no more effective than the drugs.

I think black cohosh can be a very useful tool for many women going through menopause. Black cohosh is a safe and effective natural solution that does not contain any form of estrogens. The effectiveness of black cohosh comes down to many things, and foremost among them are concentration, standardization, and dosage levels. I’ve heard from many women that they tried black cohosh in the past – either unsuccessfully or experienced relief, but only for a short period of time. I believe this is because people have been misinformed about the correct amount and standardization of black cohosh to use.

Many black cohosh products on the market today are using hundreds of milligrams, but it appears that black cohosh may actually provide less benefits as you increase the dosage. That’s because this botanical, like many others, works on a bell curve. Once you pass the peak of that curve, it’s just not effective anymore. In fact, clinical studies have found that the best dose of black cohosh is much less than you may expect – 13 mg daily. Be sure to use it consistently each day for best results and please be patient, as it may take up to three months to fully regulate your hormones.

For additional support during menopause, the herb Rhodiola rosea is a great choice. Rhodiola is known to help with improving focus, mood, energy levels, and the ability to cope with stress. Look for a rhodiola that is clinically studied and standardized for rosavins and salidrosides, the key compounds.

I have found that women, during this period of time, also have a great need for iodine. Along with botanicals like black cohosh and rhodiola, adding 12.5 to 25 mg of iodine is extremely effective for women during menopause.  Not only does iodine support proper thyroid function but it is required for proper female hormone function.  Just a side note, iodine is one of the most underappreciated minerals without a natural food source so it should be supplemented on a daily basis.