Let Nature Be Your Doctor for Colds and Flu

Getting a flu shot is certainly your freedom of choice, however, it will NEVER be my choice. First of all, it may be only 10-20% effective for everyone, and less than 2% effective for people over 65 years of age. Why subject your body to an unknown result and possible toxicity? Why not let nature be your doctor? And, never accept an antibiotic to treat a cold or flu. Colds and the flu are caused by a virus which antibiotics do nothing for. There are plenty of natural herbs that have more powerful effects as an antiviral. My two favorite herbs to prevent and treat colds and flu are Andrographis and Propolis. Both herbs are very effective and completely safe for adults and children of all ages. There are really no side effects to worry about!

Look for Andrographis 400 mg that is standardized for the key component Andrographolide at 80 mg. For best results, look for Propolis that is free of impurities such as beeswax and resin. This will ensure it is hypoallergenic.