Ivy Extract Stops Coughs

A clinical trial of over 5,000 children ages 2-12 tested the effects of an ivy leaf extract to treat coughs. 

71% of the children had intense coughing fits.

50% were coughing several times an hour.

61% had problems with coughs at night.

Results after using the ivy extract for 7-14 days:

Children with coughing caused by a viral respiratory infection saw their coughing frequency decline by 50% and coughing at night stopped almost entirely.

Children with cough associated with bronchitis had a 30% reduction in coughing intensity and also a near elimination of coughing at night.

No adverse events were reported.

Dosage: Children can take ½ teaspoon of ivy and thyme syrup up to four times a day, to help with cough from colds or bronchitis.