Is Your Low Back Killing You?

Most Americans will experience low back pain several times in their life.  Our back is susceptible to trauma due to poor lifting by using our back rather than our legs, having an extended stomach, which puts tremendous strain on our backs, and being overweight and out of shape.  Of course, the real answer for back pain is to correct all the conditions that cause our backs to be subjected to trauma. 

There are also a number of herbal extracts that play a big part in relieving back pain.  As with any pain, there is always inflammation involved.  Therefore, one of the herbs that can be of great benefit is boswellia.  White willow bark, at a dosage of about 240 mg daily, has been as effective as over-the-counter and prescription medications.  In Europe, the herb of choice for arthritis and back pain is devils claw standardized at 20% for the harpagosides, which are the key compounds of devils claw.  Look for a combination of these three herbs; boswellia, white willow bark and devils claw as they work synergistically to alleviate back pain.