Glutathione, the Master Antioxidant

Glutathione is the Master Antioxidant Providing Protection for Every Cell in the Body. It is so important that it’s not left to chance that it could be supplied to our body from an outside source.  It is manufactured in the liver through a process of a combination of amino acids. 

For reasons unexplained and unknown, our glutathione levels can drop significantly low.  It is at that stage that the aging process, filled with a variety of diseases, starts to escalate.  There is a YouTube which shows Dr. David Perlmutter working with a Parkinson’s patient who can barely walk and talk but resumes a normal gait and speech ability after an injection of glutathione.  There has been a great interest in developing an oral dietary supplement of glutathione that could complement the injectable form. 

Previously, most oral glutathione supplements were of very little value and actually could make matters worse.  Finally, a French research team developed an oral glutathione supplement that can increase blood levels by up to 230% when taking approximately 300 mgs daily after just 11 days.