Don’t Let The American Diet Strip You of Your Good Health

In some of my articles, I made reference to the American diet being made up of 70% refined carbohydrates and refined sugar. While this makes us feel full and squashes the pangs of hunger, we are drastically malnourished. With the emphasis on soft drinks and fast foods, we are certainly not able to get all of our nutrients that we require daily.

The best way to make sure that we are able to supplement our diet and health with nutrients is to take a good quality multivitamin and mineral supplement. I never recommend a one-a-day. It’s just not possible to get all of our vitamins and minerals in a very small, convenient tablet. Marketing may convince you that it’s going to give you all of your vitamins and minerals, but the chances of that happening are nil.

The levels of our nutrients, to maintain good health, were established several decades ago and really cannot apply to our current modern living. We once thought that 400 IUs of vitamin D was adequate for daily living, but new research has put the level of vitamin D at 5000 IUs per day based on the Vitamin D Council in Omaha Nebraska. From the research that I’ve seen, it appears that all of our vitamins should be increased by a factor of five to ten times to make up for our daily deficiencies based on American’s junk food way of life.

For example, I find it rare to see anyone eat a piece of fruit in a restaurant or wherever I’m traveling. Burgers and fries is the menu of America. The multivitamin and mineral supplement I find adequate is a formula designed on two tablets daily. Not taking 2 tablets of a one-a-day, but taking two tablets of a well-designed, scientifically based multivitamin and mineral supplement. This should be your absolute foundation for good health. If you take a multi with a biologically active vitamin B, an array of minerals based on glycinates, after three months of this supplementation, you will see a greater degree of vitality, energy and well-being.