Do Your Eyes Feel Dry and Sandy?

Drugs are now on the market to treat dry eyes.  While there are some diseases and prescription drugs that can cause dry eyes, the majority of dry eyes are caused by weather, sun, contact lenses, central heating, air conditioning, and the continued use of computer monitors.  Therefore, it makes sense to include a dietary food supplement that can hydrate the mucous membranes. The mucous membranes cover our entire body (skin), and internally the mucous membranes are found throughout the digestive tract from one end to the other, as well as the eyes and vagina.  When these membranes dry out, they are in need of essential fatty acids. 

A very effective berry, sea buckthorn berry, is called a nutrient bomb since it contains over 190 elements, several omega fatty acids, omega-3, -6, -9, and a very rare omega fatty acid, omega-7.  In research, omega-7 hydrates and moisturizes these membranes.  Clinical studies have proven that 2,000 mg, and sometimes less, can hydrate the body.