Do You Spend Most of Your Day Looking for the Next Restroom?

If you have bladder issues, you are probably looking for the next bathroom.  Are you getting up several times a night, or afraid to go on a car trip, or even worse, to fly where everyone can notice how many times you make a trip to the bathroom.  Not only is this inconvenient and annoying, but bladder issues can get to a point where it wrecks the quality of your life.

Men sometimes think they have a prostate disorder and get up several times through the night.  While this is partially true, it is also a bladder disorder which causes a small caliber of stream that seems to be an eternity before they urinate.  And no matter when they feel they are finished, they still have dribbling.  It doesn’t seem like our life is threatened by these bladder issues, but it makes our life miserable.

Researchers in Iceland have discovered the wild growing Angelica archangelica, an herb that was discovered thousands of years ago and is now scientifically proven to eliminate bladder disorders.  They have used a water extraction of the leaves of the plant and gave 100 to 200 mg of the extract daily to men and women with significant reduction of bladder issues.