Do You Have Anxiety?

Recent research at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest has discovered a unique form of echinacea, and through research discovered a set of phytochemicals that triggers the neurons in the brain for relaxation.  This is not the type of echinacea that supports the immune system when plagued with a cold or flu.  This echinacea is a special variety which triggers and targets brain neurons. 

Usually when echinacea is consumed, it is taken in significant quantities, but scientists in Budapest found the dosage to be different for this unique species, and only 20 mg of echinacea is required one or more times daily to reduce anxiety, and may even play a part in decreasing panic attacks.  Usually the effects can be felt in one or two hours so it makes it ideal to be taken daily or occasionally when a state of anxiety presents itself such as flying, driving in traffic or giving a presentation or lecture before a large group of people.