Chronic Fatigue and Burnout

Much of our fatigue and exhaustion is caused by adrenal insufficiency, in other words, an underactive adrenal function. This underactivity can be caused by a lack of nutrients that provide nourishment for the adrenals, or a loss of one of our two adrenals, or a defect in the adrenals. While there is no disease present, you can expect a weak adrenal system to work effectively no more than a weak arm could lift a heavy object. Of all the people surveyed with adrenal insufficiency, 94% experienced fatigue and exhaustion.

Many were very pessimistic, unusual complainers, experienced unfounded fears, made mountains out of molehills, experienced many upper respiratory tract infections such as, sinusitis, bronchitis and allergies. With strong adrenals, we experience physical, mental and emotional strength. People who are depressed and worry all the time fall in the category of weak adrenals. We are not all born the same nor do we perform the same but we all can nourish our bodies to become better over time. The adrenals need nourishment such as pantothenic acid, vitamin C, DHEA, pregnenolone and even some herbs can benefit the adrenals such as licorice and rehmannia, a powerful Chinese herb.