Cardiovascular Disease, Heart Attacks and Strokes are Not Caused by High Cholesterol

Prescribing statin drugs has been found to be absolutely useless as it will never prevent a heart attack or stroke, or add one day to your life.  Cardiovascular disease is caused by inflammation and the deficiency of nutrients that are barely provided by the American diet.  Dr. Dennis Goodman and Dr. Margaret Seelig have studied magnesium extensively and its relationship to cardiovascular health. Dr. Seelig studied magnesium over 40 years and reported that it could replace the whole pharmacy of cardiovascular drugs.  Men should take 420 mg of magnesium daily and women 320 mg of magnesium daily. Both doctors consider cardiovascular disease to be a magnesium starved heart. 

Another physician, Dr. John Ellis, an old time country doctor in Texas, discovered that his heart patients were severely deficient in vitamin B6.  After his discovery he put every one of his cardiovascular patients on 50 mg of vitamin B6 daily.  He said that to his wonderful surprise, he never lost a patient to heart disease in 20 years after his discovery.  He lectured extensively on the benefits of vitamin B6.  An ideal supplement would contain P-5-P, the biologically active form of vitamin B6, and magnesium glycinate.