BDNF = Brain Derived Neurotropic Factor

BDNF is a substance found in the brain that helps keep memory, mood, and mental function sharp.

It is so important for brain cell growth and repair it has been called “Miracle Gro” for the brain!

BDNF levels begin to decline as we age: low BDNF levels have been associated with depression and other mental disorders.

Research shows that curcumin significantly increases BDNF. A clinical study from 2020 reports that curcumin more than doubled BDNF levels in older women.

In research looking at the nutrients with the ability to increase BDNF levels, scientists rated plant polyphenols –including those from curcumin BCM-95, and green tea – as having the best ability to raise BDNF levels.

Take a combination of polyphenols from green tea, apple, propolis, curcumin, and grape seed extract containing a minimum of 250 mg polyphenols, at least once daily.