Are You Stressed Out, Lack Energy, and Feel Depressed?

We know the B vitamins are very important for the nervous system. When our nerves are frayed, we experience stress and chronic fatigue more easily and we may even have depression. The commonly consumed B vitamins are very difficult to convert in the body to what is considered the biologically active form. Many people, particularly those who are type 1 and type 2 diabetics, cannot convert B vitamins in the liver to those that are used for various functions in the body.  Additionally, 30% of the population are also poor converters of B vitamins.

There are B vitamins available, particularly B6, B12 and folate, already in a form that the body can use without the process of conversion. These three B vitamins provide the body with energy, reduce stress, and for many people, they may actually eliminate depression. These three B’s are particularly beneficial for women who are pregnant since they are used so quickly because of the needs of the fetus. However, in both cases of depression and pregnancy, it may be beneficial to check with your physician before you take a new nutritional supplement.