Address the Adverse Effects of Cancer Treatment

Cancer treatment can significantly reduce quality of life; cancer treatment causes extreme fatigue, nausea, and gastrointestinal problems, infections, mouth sores, kidney problems, anemia, pain…

In a new study, 40 women being treated with standard chemotherapy for early stage breast cancer also received ginseng or a placebo.

Patients were evaluated using standardized questionnaires to rate their physical, emotional, and functional well-being.

Results: Placebo group experienced a significant decrease in all measurements as well as the total score for health-related quality of life.
The ginseng group saw a small decline only for physical well-being, and an improvement in the other measures as well as the total score.

Finding Quality Ginseng is a Challenge-
Researchers tested 80 traditionally produced ginseng samples for pesticide residue.

Result: 246 different pesticides were detected.
78% of samples were positive for a fungicide widely used in China but with limited use in the U.S. (golf courses).

Hydroponically grown ginseng is clean and sterile with no exposure to chemical pesticides.
Optimal conditions produce ginseng with high levels of ginsenosides (key compounds) equivalent in potency to aged, wild-growing ginseng.

Dosage: 200 mg hydroponic red ginseng, once or twice daily, OR, 100 mg hydroponic red ginseng with gamma cyclodextrin to boost absorption.