Polyphenols from Grape and Apple Combined with Saffron Abstract with Summary

Published studies:

1. Evaluation of the effectiveness of polyphenols from grape and apple combined with saffron on erectile function. Allaert FA, Guillemet D., Herpin F., Schueller R. Objectives of the study: To evaluate the effect of a daily consumption for 28 days of specific combination of flavonoids from grapes, polyphenols from apple and saffron called EnoSTIM™ on the quality of erections. Material and methods: Pilot clinical study conducted on men aged between 45 and 65, complaining of a decline in their sexual vitality characterized by an Erection Hardness Grade Scale (EHS) rated between 2 and 3 at least during the last month. Data were recorded on secure smartphones (Foodtrial® system CNIL DR-2015-699) to describe in real time the quality of each erections and avoid any memory recall biases. IIEF-5 (International Index of Erectile Function) has been also assessed for the last month before and during administration period. Satisfaction survey has been performed at the end of the study. Results: 94 men with 53.4 years mean age were included in the study. EHS increased significantly to 3.3+/-0.6 percentage points representing an improvement of +22% and a positive impact was observed in 73.8% of subjects. This enhancement was significant from the first week of the administration and was maintained all over the study period. The average percentage of erections during which the penis was hard enough for penetration increased significantly from 68.0% to 87.7% while the average percentage of erections where the penis was not hard enough for penetration decreased by 32.1% to 12.3% (p<0.0001). In addition, the average percentage of erections in which the penis was completely rigid increased significantly from 9.9% to 44.8%. IIEF-5 and satisfaction criteria have also been significantly improved. Conclusion: The intake of EnoSTIM™ increases the quality of erection and especially its rigidity and thus helps to reduce the decline of men’s erectile function and to increase their satisfaction with their sexual lives. This effect on the hardness of erections is related to an improvement of vascular health status and the vasoactive action of NO whose synthesis is increased by EnoSTIM™.