Flavorful Foods Can Fight Fat

It’s a wonderful twist in nature that some of our favorite foods may also help stop obesity. Ginger, used as both a food and medicine for over 5,000 years, is a potent source of beneficial compounds. And they are useful for more than stopping pain or relieving an upset stomach.

These compounds induce pungent gingerols and shogaols, and they account for the majority of ginger’s health benefits. They inhibit reactions in the body that would otherwise stimulate inflammation.

Avocados, an excellent source of healthy fats, fiber, potassium, vitamin B6, folate, and vitamin C, also has anti-inflammatory actions. This study shows that the two together appear to stop obesity by improving enzyme and metabolic activity and reducing inflammation and oxidative stress, which can have the side effect of weight gain. Additionally, these natural foods can improve cholesterol levels as well – without side effects.


Tramontin NDS, Luciano TF, Marques SO, de Souza CT, Muller AP. Ginger and avocado as nutraceuticals for obesity and its comorbidities. Phytother Res. 2020 Jun;34(6):1282-1290. doi: 10.1002/ptr.6619. Epub 2020 Jan 27. PMID: 31989713.

Obesity is a worldwide epidemic and is one of the factors involved in the etiology of type 2 diabetes mellitus. Obesity induces low-grade inflammation and oxidative stress. The treatment for obesity involves changes in diet, physical activity, and even medication and surgery. Currently, the use of nutraceutical compounds is associated with health benefits. Ginger and avocado are used for many people all around the world; however, its effect as a nutraceutical compound is less known by the general population. For this reason, we searched information of the literature to point its effects on distinct mechanisms of defense against the obesity its comorbidities. The present review aimed showing that these nutraceuticals may be useful in obesity treatment. Reports have shown that ginger and avocado induce antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects by improving enzymatic activity and modulating obesity-related impairments in the anti-inflammatory system in different tissues, without side effects. Furthermore, ginger and avocado were found to be effective in reversing the harmful effects of obesity on blood lipids. In conclusion, on the basis of the positive effects of ginger and avocado in in vitro, animal, and human studies, these nutraceuticals may be useful in obesity treatment.