My knees are really stiff and sore in the morning.

Q. Dear Terry, “My knees are really stiff and sore in the morning. The stiffness usually gets better throughout the day. I’ve been trying to walk every day, which seems to help a little bit. What else can I do?” – Andre V., Spokane, WA

A. Dear Andre, There are really supportive natural ingredients that can help with joint issues, including stiffness. Hyaluronic acid is a required component of collagen, cartilage, and joint fluid. It helps nourish the shock-absorbing “cushions” in the joints, which keeps them lubricated for flexibility, minimizing pain, and staying more mobile. Look for a hyaluronic acid that is naturally complexed with polysaccharides and collagen.

Type 2 collagen is very important for joint health. It makes up 90% of the articular cartilage, which is the kind of cartilage found in joints. Type 2 collagen has been shown to relieve joint pain, swelling, and tenderness. Like all joint-rebuilding nutrients, it can take some time – some of the studies have been for over three months. I prefer native type 2 collagen as it helps to modulate the immune system and prevent further attack on our joints.

Glucosamine hydrochloride and chondroitin sulfate are two of the best known raw materials your body uses to build and maintain strong, flexible joints. Having both in your regimen gives you a broader range of joint-repairing nutrients. Both glucosamine and chondroitin strengthen cartilage, reduce inflammation and pain, and chondroitin strengthens the bones involved in our joints.

Lastly, boswellia stops pain and inflammatory damage that wears away at the cartilage and bone in your joints. It is one of the few, effective ways of stopping 5-LOX (5-lipoxygenase) inflammation, which is a major factor in rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

I would take 1,740 mg of glucosamine hydrochloride, chondroitin sulfate, and a hyaluronic acid complex (containing hyaluronic acid, polysaccharides, and collagen), plus 450 mg of boswellia, and 40.5 mg of native type II collagen per day. Please be patient, these ingredients may take several weeks or months to really make an impact on your joint structure.

Additionally, you could consider adding curcumin, boswellia, and devil’s claw for enhanced support. You could take 800 mg of these ingredients once or twice per day.

Healthy Regards!

Terry . . . Naturally