My 7-year-old son has what he describes as a ‘tickle in his throat.’

Q. Dear Terry, “My 7-year-old son has what he describes as a ‘tickle in his throat.’ When he has the tickle feeling, it’s followed by a dry cough about 25% of the time. He isn’t feeling or acting sick otherwise. Is there anything I can give him that might help?” – Hailey A., Medford, OR

A. Dear Hailey, A “tickle” sensation in the throat is usually caused by some type of upper airway inflammation. This inflammation can be from a variety of conditions, such as bacterial or viral illnesses, asthma, and irritants (smoke, dust, etc.). Regardless of the cause, the irritation and inflammation in the upper airways can also involve the bronchial tissue, which leads to coughing. Even if your son isn’t feeling sick, there are natural options to support his respiratory system. I recommend two gentle, safe, and effective botanicals for respiratory health: thyme and climbing ivy.

Thyme and climbing ivy work together to help calm irritation, inflammation, and troublesome coughs. Not only do they function as expectorants (help the body to cough out phlegm), but they are also mucolytics (break up congestion). Thyme and ivy are one of the most popular and commonly recommended herbal blends in Europe for dry spasmodic coughs, and due to its overall safety, it is a favorite for treating coughs in adults and children. When taken together, they make a very excellent combination, helping to keep the lungs clear.

For a child, I recommend a half teaspoon of thyme and ivy in a liquid form, two to four times per day. 

Healthy Regards!

Terry . . . Naturally