I recently had to get some dental work done, including two implants.

Q. Dear Terry, “I recently had to get some dental work done, including two implants. It was so expensive and everything was out-of-pocket. I have friends whose implants have failed and needed to be replaced or removed. I don’t have the money or desire to go through that. I would love to know if there are any natural things I can take to avoid issues with my implants?” – Brady E., Salinas, CA

A. Dear Brady, Silica is an incredibly important trace mineral and most of us are not receiving adequate amounts on a regular basis. Silica helps provide the structure of our bodies, facilitates mineral absorption, and keeps the bone-building process running smoothly – bringing more calcium into the bones, while allowing less calcium to leach away from the bones. Studies have shown that silica can increase calcium absorption by 50% and bone density by 15%.

A study of patients receiving dental implants showed that silica helped heal the tissue of the jaw and gums, while keeping the jawbone matrix stable during the surgeries. There was also no reported pain, inflammation, or implant loss. The integration of the dental implants was considered “excellent”.

The form of silica I prefer is an organic ingredient obtained from the aboveground parts of the spring horsetail (Equisetum arvense) plant. In a special process, the silica in the plant is extracted still attached to the plant bioflavonoids that support its activity in the body. Silica tends to be poorly absorbed, so look for a product that is clinically studied, extremely soluble, and virtually 100% bioavailable. I recommend taking a form that when taken twice daily, provides 40 mg of silica daily.

Healthy Regards!

Terry . . . Naturally