Through books, publications, websites, and live events, I have followed and admired the work of many natural health educators, including Dr. David Perlmutter, Dr. Holly Lucille, and Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum. Below are links to some of my favorite educational videos by these and other highly regarded health experts.

You’ll also find links to my Terry Talks Nutrition Facebook Live videos, where I discuss health conditions and the lifestyle factors and nutritional supplements you can use to treat them. Check out the links below to learn more about how you can live a healthy and vibrant life.

The Powerful Solution to Stress Burnout

Modern day stressors are a constant in our lives. However, if you find yourself feeling burnt out and dealing with stress-related headaches, sickness, and utter exhaustion, Terry and Dr. Holly Lucille have good news for you! Your mind and body...
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The Best Natural Botanicals for Pain

It’s incredibly difficult to enjoy life when you’re riddled with pain. Check out this NEW educational video to hear Terry and Dr. Holly Lucille discuss natural and effective solutions for pain relief, including an anti-inflammatory diet and several incredible, evidence-based...
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Thyroid Disorders Often Fly Under the Radar

By the time a person’s thyroid labs register as “abnormal,” it’s likely their thyroid has been suffering for years. Thyroid issues are a major problem in this country, but very little attention is paid to how we can heal these...
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Cancer Prevention with Terry & Dr. Goel

Watch this interview as Terry sits down to discuss recent cancer research with Dr. Ajay Goel, Professor and Chair, Department of Medical Diagnostics and Experimental Therapeutics at the Beckman Research Institute City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center.
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Working out with Kettlebells

The Switch to kettlebell training! In my search for a shorter but still effective exercise program, I ran across information on kettlebell training. If you’ve never seen a kettlebell, it looks like a cannonball with a handle and weighs anywhere...
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