Why do some people catch the virus and others do not?

Our immune system was created to protect us against bacteria and viruses, and a well-functioning immune system may prove better than gloves, masks, and social distancing. Keep your immune system healthy with plenty of vitamins A, D-3, C, Selenium, Zinc, and lots of love. These nutrients are called essential because they are essential to live a healthy life. There are thousands of studies indicating the need for vitamins and minerals to maintain the health of the body and immune system.

But, the studies are ignored in favor of the use of drugs and vaccines. Doctors are always looking for a way to eradicate a bad thing rather than looking for what good things our bodies may be lacking.

Reduce non-nutritious foods like refined carbohydrates and sugar. Perhaps, adopt the Ketogenic diet. Refer to www.Ketogenic-diet-resource.com or www.dietdoctor.com, for help to learn more about a healthy diet.

The elderly (over 65 years of age), and those with an underlying health condition, should consult a physician.

It would be hard to change our age, BUT, we can change many of our underlying health conditions by changing our diet (choice of foods) and improving our lifestyle choices; exercise, sufficient sleep, and stop unhealthy habits. 98 percent of all disease is the result of bad choices as to what we eat and how we live.

There are many causative factors of disease and the underlying health conditions that drugs are used to treat.  Diseases are not due to a lack of drugs or vaccines. We make choices that inflict havoc on our health and immune system, which increases our susceptibility to almost all diseases including catching a virus. By eliminating most of our unhealthy habits, we could reduce the risk of contracting most diseases, including catching a virus (COVID-19). The experts warn us that those who have underlying health issues or the elderly have an increased risk of suffering from disease or from catching a virus.

Who may fall into this category of having an underlying health condition?

WHO (World Health Organization) states that Americans are more unhealthy than the rest of the western world and we tend to use more drugs than other countries.

Theodore Roosevelt said: “No country can be strong whose people are sick and poor.”

125,000,000 adult Americans are obese, and 800,000 have heart disease, 174,000,000 have high blood pressure, the silent killer, mostly undetected, 100,000,000 Americans have Type 2 Diabetes and/or prediabetes. 1,800,000 have been diagnosed with cancer. 1,400,000 Americans are living with liver disease. More than 80,000,000 adult Americans are living with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, and most don’t even know that they are living with this deadly disease. 34,000,000 American’s smoke. How bad can it get?  By 2050, if we don’t change the trend we are following, everyone in America will be obese.

Some people may have one or more of these unhealthy conditions while a number will have all of them.

We are a very unhealthy country, too weak to defend what little health we may have left.

Millions die every year from diseases that are the result of a poor, unhealthy diet and lifestyle.

A healthy body is our defense against disease. However, we are undernourished and overfed.

Some people just don’t know what’s making them sick, as over 50 percent of Americans are already in a poor state of health.  It doesn’t take much to dig a deeper hole. They think it’s just bad luck, and the only thing left for them to do is rely on the use of drugs and vaccines. But, by changing our lifestyle and diet, it is actually possible to change our lives and our health to reduce the risk of contracting diseases and catching a virus.


There has not been much news reporting on how Japan is controlling this pandemic. From what I have seen from CDC, they have controlled it very good.  Japan just happens to be the healthiest country in the world.