Why Are We Experiencing Outbreaks of the Measles and an Epidemic of the Flu?

When a virus attacks the body, there are internal mechanisms and natural components that go to work to defeat the virus.  The primary site of this mechanism of action is found in the gut.  80% of the immune system resides in our intestinal tract.  “Disease begins in the gut”, Hippocrates.  Weeds can be found in an unattended garden.  Anyone would agree that a garden overrun with weeds is not a healthy garden.  In our intestinal tract, we should also have a garden of healthy bacteria.  These bacteria that improve the quality of the immune system in the intestinal tract are known as probiotics, the opposite of antibiotics.  Many people are supplementing their health by taking more probiotics.  Many companies from the health food industry to the big box marketers, including pharmaceutical companies, are selling probiotics.  Disease begins in the gut because without sufficient quantities of probiotics we have an overgrowth of bad bacteria which gives off toxins and poisons every physical and mental function.  Many alternative physicians believe that most of our diseases, including mental disorders, are caused by the high count of bad bacteria in the intestinal tract.  Now, science supports this theory as well.  Mental disorders such as depression, autism, ADD, ADHD, and even schizophrenia are directly related to the workings of our gut.  Instilling the friendly, good bacteria in the intestinal tract by supplementing with probiotics can have a significant advantage, but it makes more sense to cleanse the intestines of the bad bacteria by starving them out.  Certain foods we eat nourish the bad bacteria which causes them to multiply.  Starch and complex carbohydrates (grains: wheat, barley, rye, buckwheat, rice, quinoa, amaranth, millet, and oats) do not easily digest in the intestinal tract, if at all, which leaves the exact food in the intestinal tract that bad bacteria requires to thrive.  The multitude of bad bacteria has a disastrous effect on the immune system.  What we eat lays the ground floor for viruses and bacteria as well as candida to grow and thrive.  Since we have changed the diet over the last 80 to 100 years from quality animal proteins, healthy fats such as olive oil, coconut oil and sesame seed oil, and fruits and vegetables to a diet of 70% carbohydrates, starch, soft drinks and alcohol.  With these foods, we are continuously fueling the bad bacteria to grow.  Increasing the population of good bacteria by supplementing with probiotics can have a great effect.  However, the benefits will be far superior if we take action to eliminate the bad bacteria by eliminating the foods mentioned above which feeds the bad bacteria.  It’s best to starve them out and supplement with a probiotic.  This would present a healthy intestinal tract and immune system that can fight against the onslaught of measles, flu and shingles.  We are seeing more of these diseases because of the health of our intestinal tract.  All doctors have to offer are inoculations, shots and vaccines, which still does not make the body healthier but sends the message that food has nothing to do with your health.  Food is your best medicine when you’re eating the best food that’s natural to your intestinal tract.  Change your diet: that will change the health of your intestinal tract; that will boost your immune system; that will prevent the viruses from being active, therefore, reduces the risk of virus outbreaks, measles, flu and shingles.