When the Bladder Matters, Drugs Don’t Work

I can’t recall how many people I’ve talked to who have an overactive bladder and have seen doctor after doctor with a variety of medications prescribed and received no results.  Many people fear being away from easy access to a restroom.  Or, they are on the outlook for a restroom when they’re on a trip.  Or, they get up six or seven times a night.  Not only are these people frustrated with so many inconveniences but, they are also exhausted from a lack of sleep.  It seems that nature always provides an answer for our daily health conditions.  That includes a bladder condition.  Almost 20% of men and women in America have bladder issues; incontinence, bed wetting adults and children, weak bladder and, in some cases, women have commented that it feels like their bladder has dropped so low and it’s falling out.  Recent studies have indicated that Angelica archangelica, an herb growing wild in Iceland, can improve all bladder issues.  The studies indicated that the herb increased bladder capacity and volume, strengthened the bladder muscles, and reduced daytime and nighttime bathroom trips from as many as eight times a night down to one or two trips.  In some cases, women experiencing interstitial cystitis found significant relief.  Men have always considered nighttime trips to the bathroom as a prostate disorder.  While that’s true to some extent, but it’s also a bladder disorder.  The study suggested 100 mg once or twice daily of Angelica archangelica was more effective than drugs.  Nature is so forgiving and I believe that most of our diseases are only that we are out of balance with nature.