Food is our best medicine.  Really, it is our only medicine for health, vitality and longevity.  Drugs are not the answer to our health.

Without drugs, injuries, defects and accidents could be catastrophic.  But drugs were not meant to cure diseases that come about because we are lacking vitamins and minerals from the foods we eat.  The foods we eat today are far from the food that our ancestors ate 80-100 years ago when many families still lived on the farm and ate the natural food produced on the farm.  Today, many family farms have been deserted and huge corporations are now running farms that are hundreds of times bigger than they were years ago.  Our foods today that we purchase in the supermarkets are not grown to retain the nutrients that we require to be healthy.  In fact, most foods are stripped of their nutrients to ensure and increase a longer shelf life.

Food today is grown for profit and not for our health.  Our bodies require a certain level of vitamins and minerals and many other natural food factors found only in natural, unprocessed food to be healthy.

When our bodies are deprived of any one of these nutrients over an extended period of time, symptoms will occur.  These symptoms are referred to as diseases, which can only be treated by drugs according to the FDA. According to the FDA, no vitamin or mineral can cure any disease.  This plays perfectly into the hands of the drug companies who look for any unusual symptom that is abnormal and then it becomes a disease.  Most symptoms are the result of a malfunction of the body’s metabolism due to a lack of vitamins or minerals.  We know that many diseases were cured by vitamins in the past before we had the FDA and drug monopolies working together to push drugs to cure disease.

A poorly chosen diet is the number one cause of disease including cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and obesity.  These diseases are all the result of our so called American diet. Our diet has changed from a natural diet to an unhealthy diet, or semi-synthetic diet, void of nutrition and nutrients that we can’t live without, the result of the new non-nutritious standard American diet causing our current diseases that are now treated by drugs.

The accepted non-nutritious American diet and the influence of drugs to cure everything has hooked Americans on a path to destruction.  The emphasis on drugs to cure everything has hooked our kids on drugs.  What foods we are eating today are grown in depleted soil.  Many of our foods are genetically modified and genetically engineered all for the sake of growth and increased protein levels.  Nutrients are stripped out in the manufacturing process.  Most Americans are hooked on sugar, excessive carbohydrates, refined and processed fats, and even synthetic fats.  If you are interested in regaining your health, vitality and longevity with the quality of life that will allow you to live your life as you choose, then go back to a diet that is simple and natural, the diet of our ancestors.  Eat animal proteins, animal fats, eggs, cream, butter, lard and whole fat dairy products, and other fats such as olive oil, coconut oil, sesame seed oil, avocado oil and plenty of non-starchy vegetables, and fruits low in sugar, berries nuts and seeds.

You can significantly reduce your drug intake and lower your risk of all diseases by eating a healthy diet.  To learn more ON HOW TO CHOOSE A BETTER DIET, go to WWW.TERRYTALKSNUTRITION.COM and review my suggested diet, or go to WWW.KETOGENIC-DIET-RESOURCE.COM