We Cannot Live a Healthy Lifestyle without Cholesterol.

Before you decide to take a statin drug to lower your cholesterol, there is a natural super fruit that has the benefits of both Lipitor and Plavix, and without any side effects.  This super fruit is called Indian gooseberry.  Studies have shown that 500 to 1,000 mg a day will improve your cholesterol levels and open your arteries better than any drug, and best of all, it’s free of side effects.  Remember, drugs poison the enzyme system in the liver that produces cholesterol.  It would be similar to correcting a defect in the cars’ engine by blocking the uptake of fuel, therefore, the engine can’t run so there can be no defect.  Problem solved.  Doctors believe that poisoning the enzyme system eliminates cholesterol – problem solved.  The way to solve the problem with cholesterol is to increase healthy cholesterol (HDL) which will take care of the bad cholesterol.  You can’t solve the problem by entirely eliminating cholesterol and that is actually what doctors are trying to do.  One lady told me her doctor wanted to get her cholesterol down to 100.  That is absolutely insane.  We cannot live a healthy lifestyle without cholesterol.  We make all of our sex and adrenal hormones from cholesterol, our brain, nervous system and muscles function with cholesterol.  The side effects of a too low cholesterol are muscle weakness, muscle pain, neuropathy, arthritis, memory loss, heart attacks, cancer and death.