Try Alternative Methods Before Resorting to Drugs

Of course, this should be done under the supervision of your physician or a professional health care provider.  While drugs can save lives, they are too often prescribed for minor medical disorders which, in turn, can cause other diseases having to be treated by another drug.  Some of the medical disorders being treated today are only in the best interest of the pharmaceutical companies selling their drugs along with a major list of side effects.  Some of the side effects of prescribed drugs have a greater risk than the benefit of using the drug.  And some drugs are absolutely useless but are still prescribed as doctors have no other alternatives.  Take for example the drugs used to treat osteoporosis are indicated that they should only be used temporarily.  Just think about this.  It takes a significant amount of time to reverse osteoporosis, maybe a lifetime process, and yet these drugs should not be used more than a year.  Drugs have such a limiting ability to repair the damage.  Like bisphosphonates, they do not help the bone repair which is based on minerals flowing into the bone and minerals flowing out, a natural process.  Bisphosphonates strengthen bones which causes them to become rigid, inflexible and easy to break.  There are more femurs broken in women who are on bisphosphonates than who are not.  The femur (thigh bone) and the jaw bone are damaged severely by bisphosphonates.  My choice would be to investigate silica which is extracted from the herb, horsetail.  In Europe, silica is the number one mineral for bone health.  Studies show that silica can increase bone absorption of calcium by 50% and increase bone density by 15%.  More calcium is consumed by Americans than any other country and we have more osteoporosis in America than any other country.  I think you would agree that something is wrong with this picture.  I would suggest a good silica bound to bioflavonoids extracted from horsetail, and consume 40 to 80 mg daily.