Today, good quality supplements are difficult to sell at a discount.

In the majority of cases, it’s easy to select a natural alternative that is far more effective and without side effects than the prescribed drug for a specific indication.  However, all natural herbal medicines or natural supplements are not created equal.  Many companies prefer to offer a very low priced product which is easy to sell, but in most cases it’s based on very low quality.  Many times, a high quality product at a discount is just not possible.  Today, good quality supplements supported with science, high quality ingredients, produced in an FDA registered facility, manufactured under GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices), and lab tested are difficult to sell at a low price or at a discount.  The most expensive product in the marketplace is the cheap discounted product that doesn’t work.  Regardless, if the price is $5 or $10 and the product doesn’t work, you’ve wasted significant dollars.