Tilapia is a fish becoming more popular because it has a mild taste and it is quite inexpensive.

BUT most people looking to increase their Omega-3’s are shocked when I tell them that Tilapia is a very unhealthy choice. Of course, Salmon is still the most popular choice for Omega-3’s but that may be changing too. Experts estimate that by the year 2030 75% of all fish will be farm raised. But here is the thing about eating Tilapia, it is loaded with the same bad fats as refined corn oil or a typical supermarket doughnut. Tilapia is farmed raised and has more Omega-6’s than corn fed pigs and cattle. It is not loaded with heart health Omega-3’s. Instead of being healthy for your heart, it is wracking your body with huge loads of inflammatory compounds……………. The SAME culprits behind 80-90% of all disease. And besides that, Tilapia is pumped  full of hormones and fed an artificial diet. For your good heart health and as an anti-inflammatory, my recommendation is to skip Tilapia and choose Salmon.  Tilapia should not be a choice on your menu.