The Original Cure For Cancer

I have never felt comfortable donating to cancer research.  The cancer research machine has been looking for a cure for cancer for decades with little or no progress.  President Nixon made the bold claim that his desire would be to find a cure for cancer in his lifetime.  There are many different forms of cancer and just not one cure will fit all forms of cancer.  Researchers at Baylor University have found that chemotherapeutic drugs could be increased 100 times more than what is used today and still not be able to kill all the cancer cells.  While my heart and sympathy goes out to anyone challenged with cancer, we have to realize that the cure for cancer lies in prevention.  There is so much focus on looking for a cure and money raising benefits to pay for research that I believe the focus is off the real cure for cancer, and that lies in how we live our lives.  Remember, health is a choice.  Because of the powerful advertising and the propaganda from these drug companies along with fast food advertisers, we do not realize the power of food as our most important medicine.  90% of all cancers that are treated today are caused by the choices Americans make for food and lifestyle.   It is currently estimated that dietary factors account for approximately one third of cancer deaths.  That equates to 30% of cancer deaths attributed to the lack of a proper diet.  We never hear from any government, drug company, or medical association that our diet influences cancer similar to the impact of smoking.  30% of our cancers are related to a deficient diet, primarily in fruits and vegetables.  And, 30% of the cancers today are caused by smoking.  It’s possible, that if all Americans would significantly improve their diets and stop smoking, that we may prevent 60% of all cancers.  Another 30% of all cancers are caused by environmental effects.  The environmental effects causing cancer are due to the chemicals and preservatives in our food, the chemicals in city tap water, pesticides, and possibly to genetically modified foods.  Such a close relationship between diet and cancer is well illustrated by the large variations in rates of specific cancers among countries and by the observations that these rates are strongly correlated with differences in several aspects of the diet.  Among the dietary factors that are most closely linked to cancer, a large number of population based studies have consistently shown that individuals who eat five servings or more of fruits and vegetables daily have approximately 50% less risk of developing a wide variety of cancer types, particularly those of the gastrointestinal tract.