The foods found in the center aisle of the grocery stores may remain there for months without any deterioration.

Health is not elusive.  It’s a choice. However, the foods available today have been so depleted of their natural nutrients that, when consumed, cause deficiencies of vitamins and minerals and other accessory food factors that are yet unknown.  Foods are really not grown to increase the nutrient content or to provide nutrition.  They are grown merely for profit.  Foods are tinkered with, genetically engineered, genetically modified for the advantages of increased yield and shelf life, and chemically sprayed for insect resistance.  They have now engineered an apple that will not bruise or brown even when cut open for as long as a week.  When we were kids and ate and apple, we ate around the worm holes and sometimes when a worm popped up we found it fascinating and just laughed.  Americans generally do not have any idea how poor quality our food really is.  The best way to shop, in most cases, is to shop the perimeter of the grocery store.  Go through the fruit and vegetable section, meat, cheese and dairy sections and you’re out the door.  You will save time and money if you stay out of the center aisles.  They are loaded with packaged goods that are made from white flour, white sugar, refined vegetable oil, refined salt, and colored and flavored.  And manufacturers expect us to believe that it’s food.  They may in fact throw in a token quantity of synthetic vitamins and call it enriched.  If I took $100 away from you and gave you back $1, would you consider that to be enriched?  That’s exactly what most manufacturers are doing today to our food supply.  Since most of our food is grown by 2% of the population for the other 98%, they have to figure out ways to improve shelf life, storage and transportation to get it to us before it spoils.  Remember to eat foods that spoil but eat them before they do.  The foods found in the center aisle of the grocery stores may remain there for months without any deterioration.  One of the best things you can do for yourself is to support the local farmers and shop at the local farmer’s markets.  Always try to find organically grown or buy from those who may not be able to afford certified organic but do not use sprays or chemicals.  Buy grass fed beef and other animal products from your local farmer.  The best healthcare program is not subsidized by the government.  It’s subsidized by the old fashioned method of farming by local farmers.  Before adding supplements to your treatment program, consult your physician.