The diseases of today are not really diseases but metabolic disorders.

The diseases of today that doctors feel a need to prescribe drugs for, I believe, are not really diseases but metabolic disorders that are brought about by a bad diet, a diet deficient in the common nutrients the body requires, unhealthy lifestyles plus the many chemicals, alcohol and tobacco we ingest or breathe in.  How can you expect a human body to be healthy with this kind of lifestyle?  This brings on various symptoms of disorders that are then called diseases and drug companies love to design drugs to treat these disorders.  For example, statin drugs to lower a healthy, normal cholesterol that we can’t live without, drug companies and doctors have convinced us that any cholesterol level is dangerous.  You probably won’t leave a doctors’ office without a prescription for statin drugs.  No one can predict what a proper level of cholesterol is so the medical cry is get it as low as you possibly can which is sheer nonsense.  If you want a great sex life and lots of energy and vitality, get your cholesterol levels up to about 300 by eating good quality saturated fats, healthy oils, animal proteins, and avoid refined carbohydrates, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and artificial sweeteners.