The American Diet is primarily (70-90%) made up of sugar, starch and carbohydrates, which eventually are all different forms of sugar.

There truly is no such thing as Type 2 Diabetes. The Type 1 Diabetic must rely on an infusion of insulin to ensure the proper metabolism of consumed sugar. The Type 2 Diabetic makes insulin but it becomes ineffective due to the tremendous amount of sugar consumed in the Standard American Diet (SAD). We consume so much sugar, almost 50 times more than 3 generations ago, way beyond the ability for the insulin to do its intended function, so sugar floods the bloodstream causing high blood sugar and, hence, the doctor declares you a diabetic. Hogwash!!! The CURE FOR TYPE 2 DIABETICS, lose weight if necessary, and I am sure in most cases that is important, walk 20-30 minutes several times a week, follow the Ketogenic diet (, or at least a modified version.

(Sugar, starch and carbs have to be restricted). You are NOT a Diabetic. You are a carboholic!!!

To make your efforts more effective, you may take the herb Hintonia latiflora, which has been researched for over 60 years with 16 scientific studies to support its known effect for naturally lowering the blood sugar and A1C levels. Just lowering your A1C level 1 point will reduce by 19% the risk of cataracts, 25% the risk of heart disease, 30% reduction of the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, and a 43% reduction of the risk of amputation of toes and legs.

98% of all diseases are caused by the lifestyle choices we make daily. Make better  choices for better health. Only you and I are responsible for our health.  No doctor or drug will improve your health!