The American Diet is a Defective Diet.

I am absolutely convinced and believe without a doubt that our current American diet is responsible for the major increase in disease and sickness across America.  More and better drugs will not be the answer and we are not deficient in drugs.  Our body only functions on vitamins and minerals and other natural  food factors.  I Believe the American diet has also increased mental illness to the degree that we have more suicides and more killings and violence.  Many Americans are going through life mentally and physically sick and we try to patch them up with drugs, which makes them sicker and more violent.  Our diet has changed more in the last 80 years than it has in the previous 3 million years.  We cannot operate on defective fuel no more than a car can run at high-performance on defective fuel.

The American diet is a defective diet high in calories, unhealthy fats, unhealthy carbohydrates, and sugar.  Our food today is chemically altered and sprayed with poisons, genetically modified, refined, and processed.  The food is colored with chemical dyes and preserved with chemicals, which we know little as to how these practices will affect the chemistry of the body.  They may then cause the body to malfunction, which is then called a disease and treated by drugs.  See the vicious circle we create when a healthy diet is not the focus to regain our health?  There will  never be any meaningful effort to promote healthy foods and nutrition because the money is really made on selling drugs.  Just the money made on prescribing statin drugs, which has no meaningful medical value, will reach $1 trillion dollars worldwide by 2020.

The powers to be who have the money and the power to make a difference in this world will never focus on making people aware that our bodies can only get well and stay well on the quality of food we eat.  The stocks of drug companies can only increase on the volume of drugs sold.  Healthcare in America is big business and healthy people only get in the way of an affluent economy.  I fear for our children and grandchildren as we continue the process of drug therapy being the answer for our health, and there is no effort to educate Americans to change their diet.  We are headed for disaster.