Statin Drugs Cause More Pain Than They Are Beneficial.

Several articles described recent studies that found no value of statin drugs preventing heart attacks or stroke.  There was zero evidence that statin drugs are of any preventable value.  More recently, they have confirmed that 30% of those who have been prescribed a statin drug suffer severe muscle pain.  The article went on to suggest a newer drug to replace the statin drugs that would ensure a reduction in muscle pain but would cost $1,000 to $1,500 a month.  I’m wondering if the drug companies did not confirm the pain causing side effects to enable them to sell a more costly drug.  How can we get well by lowering cholesterol due to the fact that there is little evidence that it is of any benefit but, in fact, lowers a substance that is critical for our metabolic health.  The World Health Organization has established that a normal cholesterol level is between 220 and 240.

For some reason, doctors have ignored the World Health Organization’s recommendation, and to ensure that all bases are covered, doctors want their patients to get their cholesterol as low as possible.  Every pathway in the body has a normal balance.  Neither too low or too high is of benefit.  The same is true for cholesterol management.  But in this case, too low is worse than too high.  It has been proven over and over again that more people die having low cholesterol than high cholesterol.  63% of individuals having a heart attack already have low cholesterol.

There is a better quality in life especially in the elderly when they benefit from high cholesterol.  The brain uses more cholesterol than any other organ in the body.  I wonder if the increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease is due to lowering cholesterol.  The risk of breast cancer in women has also skyrocketed.  Is this also due to statin drugs as many studies have proven that statin drugs increase breast cancer risk by 15 times?

Many medical experts are of the opinion that children, women, and men over 60 should never be on statin drugs.  There is a very small percentage of men between the ages of 48 and 60 who have already experienced a heart attack or stroke that might warrant using a statin drug.  The longer you can stay off drugs, the longer you maintain a healthy quality of life.  Drugs may be important for life threatening conditions but they cause more side effects than benefits.  Drugs are not the answer to our health care.  Food is our best medicine.