Statin Drugs are the Biggest Medical Scam of This Century

Statin drug studies do not prove statin drugs prevent heart attacks or strokes.  We have been falsely misled.  Perhaps a better word is lied to, in the interest of the pharmaceutical companies for profit and greed.  It may have started off innocently but, once the evidence did not support statin drugs, drug companies did everything they could to perpetuate the myth.  Just two statin drugs have an annual revenue of 34 billion dollars.  For anyone who is taking statin drugs, it would be wise to investigate whether or not they are of benefit.  The bottom line that statistics prove, statin drugs are not of benefit.  Statin drugs do more harm than good.  More people die having low cholesterol levels than those with high cholesterol levels.  There is a very small segment of Americans who may benefit from statin drugs.  That category is middle aged men between 48 and 59 who previously had a heart attack or have documented cardiovascular disease.  That’s about 5% of those taking statin drugs.  The other 95% taking statin drugs are needlessly and uselessly taking the drug.  In fact, studies suggest that in relatively healthy men that have reached the age of 48 taking a statin drug will not add one day to their lives but will saddle them with a number of serious side effects.  Statistics also show that the higher the cholesterol level is in elderly people, the healthier they are and they live a better quality of life.  High cholesterol causing heart disease is a myth.  The real cause is oxidative stress and inflammation.  I encourage you to gather more information to be better prepared to talk to your physician.  I highly recommend you read the book, The Great Cholesterol Myth, by Dr. Jonny Bowden and cardiologist, Dr. Stephen Sinatra.