Soy is a very Poor Quality Health Food.

  • Before you decide to include soy in your diet, please investigate whether or not soy can add health benefits to your diet.  Soy is a very poor quality health food and an inferior source of protein.  There are much better sources of protein than soy such as meat, eggs and whey protein powders.  The most superior source of protein comes from eggs.  I don’t think soy in any of its forms has any value nutritionally.  It’s even gone so far that a TV personality highly recommends soy to his audience and, in fact, says his family consumes soy burgers daily.  I think someone has not researched how inferior soy is as a food.  Soy burgers and the soy textured proteins that many vegetarians eat could never be considered healthy.  One of the greatest risks of soy is its increase of estrogen levels in women.  There is some research that shows some women may have increased risks of breast cancer or a reoccurrence of breast cancer after consuming soy.  Before you decide if soy is the health food for you, find out what researchers find harmful about soy.  Go to