Should You Take Nutritional Supplements Or Not?

I find it deplorable when doctors say you don’t need vitamin supplements, ‘all the vitamins and minerals you need are in the foods you eat”. First of all, how do doctors know what the person they are advising is eating? A doctor’s visit, on a national average, lasts about 6 minutes. That’s just about enough time to write out a drug prescription, certainly not enough time to even ask what their patient is eating.

Their common answer when asked about diet is, “oh, just eat a balanced diet”. How do you balance a diet? To make such a general statement lacks knowledge and common sense. Doctors have little or absolutely no education in nutrition but, yet, make unfounded and untrue statements when it comes to diet and nutrition.

Almost 90% of the foods eaten in America, whether at home or in fast food restaurants, are highly processed, altered, refined, GMO, and overcooked. The soil our food is grown in is depleted of minerals.  Vitamins are lost through precooking, processing, and storage.

80-90% of the food American’s eat are refined carbohydrates and sugar, which neither supply any form of nutrition. Pet food actually has more nutrition than human food.

Just reviewing the major scientific websites will reveal thousands of studies that indicate the lack of nutrients (vitamins and minerals) in individuals around the world. Medical researchers report that 1.2 billion people worldwide, including America, are deficient in both zinc and selenium, two major nutrients to maintain the health of the immune system. 80% of all Americans are deficient in magnesium and 95% are deficient in vitamin D-3. This is only the tip of the iceberg.

Who (World Health Organization) states that Americans are more unhealthy than the rest of the Western world and we tend to use more drugs than other countries.

125,000,000 adult Americans are obese, and 800,000 have heart disease, 174,000,000 have high blood pressure (the silent killer), mostly undetected, 100,000,000 Americans have Type 2 diabetes and/or prediabetes.  1,800,000 have been diagnosed with cancer.  1,400,000 Americans are living with liver disease.  More than 80,000,000 adult Americans are living with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, and most don’t even know that they are living with this deadly disease.  34,000,000 American’s smoke.  How bad can it get?  If we don’t change the trend we are following, everyone in America will be obese by the year 2050.  All these conditions are related to the nutrient deficient American diet and lifestyle choices.

We are no longer able to consume foods that contain all the daily required nutrients, the Standard American Diet (SAD) for Americans.

Just lacking one nutrient can have dire consequences on our health. The dire health consequences show up as symptoms which are then treated by drugs. What a sad state of affairs. Only you are responsible for your health.  Doctors and drugs do not make you healthy.

Drugs can be lifesaving in a crisis, due to an injury or accident, but they do not promote health


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