Running is not healthy!

Are you running every day to protect your heart?  Studies have shown that running will not prevent a heart attack or a stroke although it may help you live longer once you’ve had the heart attack.  Running improves blood circulation but it does not prevent heart attacks.  Overall, running is not healthy.  There is a better form of exercise that can prevent heart attacks and improve your health.  This exercise is called short burst exercise meaning you exercise in bursts and not for long periods of time.  A marathon may be a sport but it is far from healthy.  Any stress is counterproductive and marathons induce additional stress.  Look at the body of an athlete who does short burst events, the 100 yard dash or 400 meter. They have great physique and are very muscular and in great health.  Look at the marathon runner and you’ll see a loss of muscle strength and muscle weakness.  If this muscle weakness and loss of muscle can be visibly seen, remember the heart is a muscle.  The way to exercise is to use high intensity exercises and not long periods of exercise.  I would recommend exercising no longer than six to twelve minutes.  An excellent method is to use a kettlebell, or you can choose swimming, jumping rope, rowing, treadmill, elliptical or stationary bike, running or any form of exercise that suits you, but the method is going to be different.  Whatever exercise you choose, exercise at the highest intensity possible for one to two minutes.  Rest for one to two minutes.  Do this five to six times, one to two minutes of high intensity, one to two minutes of rest – five repetitions.  This may take you twenty to twenty five minutes but you are only physically exercising for six to twelve minutes.  Do this two to four times a week.  For a more detailed explanation go to my website at and click on “Terry’s Exercise”.