Recently, in one of my earlier blogs, I reported the benefits of vitamin D3, which for several decades was recommended at 400 IUs of vitamin D3 daily.

Now in most cases, experts are recommending several thousand units of vitamin D3 daily with little or no side effects but huge health dividends.  This is a classic example of how outdated our nutritional research has become.  Like any research including nutritional research, it costs huge sums of money.  Very few companies consider the investment in nutritional research to be worth the investment.  Most pharmaceutical companies would prefer spending their money on drugs and keeping America sick.  Any company that has the financial whereabouts to invest in nutritional research would have little opportunity to recover their investment.  Any company would not benefit by proving that vitamin B1 could regulate type 2 diabetes.  No one can patent vitamin B1 so the research never comes about.  But drug companies can make huge sums of money on patented drugs to regulate type 2 diabetes.  This is true for all natural substances including botanical medicines.  90% of what is classified as disease today are really metabolic disorders based on a deficiency of vitamins and minerals and the aging process.  These disorders, or in other words, out of balance with nature, could in most part be corrected with a diet that supplies all the vitamins and minerals and accessory food factors, and not drugs.  Drugs can make a difference in the health of Americans when they are used for an emergency or a crisis, but every little illness from a hang nail to dry eyes is treated with a drug.  Drugs will eventually lose their effectiveness when they’re overused.  We now have an epidemic of super bugs because we have overused antibiotics for many so called diseases, and the antibiotics will be found in the animals that we consume either through their meat or milk. Our bodies have built up a resistance to antibiotics and they are no longer effective.  It’s ironic that the common cold is treated frequently by physicians with antibiotics.  Only 2% of the colds that occur in Americans is caused by bacteria.  98% of the colds are caused by a virus but still doctors overuse antibiotics.