Propolis is a substance collected by the bees from buds of trees and other plants.

Instinctively, they know how to use the propolis as a glue to protect their hives from bacteria.  They mix beeswax with the plant components that they collect and make it into a putty or glue to seal the cracks and openings in their hive.  This keeps their hives sterile.  If a small creature ventures into the hive, the bees can sting the mole or mouse to death but cannot remove it from the hive, so they mummify the dead creature with propolis to prevent decaying and contaminating the hive.  German scientists have found a way to collect the propolis and remove the wax and resin the bees mix with the plant material to make it into a purified propolis extract.  Propolis is a very powerful plant microbial killing and destroying harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi.  In studies with propolis, researchers found it’s effective against MRSA and C-Diff, a type of infectious diarrhea caused by the bacteria as well as candida.  This purified form, because of its patented process, is hypoallergenic.