P-5-P is more effective for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome than surgery.

While all vitamins and minerals are required and have a specific function, there are a few that I think deserve honorable mention; Vitamin B6, otherwise known as P-5-P (pyridoxal-5-phosphate) for its benefits to reduce edema associated with PMS or congestive heart failure.  Anyone with congestive heart failure will see a significant difference in their symptoms after supplementing with P-5-P than with just drugs alone.  Before supplementing your diet, always talk to your physician.  P-5-P is more effective for carpal tunnel syndrome than surgery.  P-5-P along with magnesium, lipoic-acid, and boswellia has a significant effect reducing neuropathy confirmed by numbing and tingling of fingers, hands, toes and burning feet.  Autistic children see an improvement when their diet is supplemented with P-5-P and magnesium.  Many arthritic conditions are also benefitted.  Many years ago, Dr. John Ellis, a medical physician from Texas, wrote a book called, The Doctor Who Looked at Hands, since he observed his patients’ health through their hands.  If the hands were gnarled and crippled and were unable to close where the fingers touched the palms, he knew his patients were deficient in vitamin B6.  Over a period of 20 years, Dr. John Ellis and his colleagues who prescribed vitamin B6 to their heart patients were said to have never lost a patient to a heart attack or heart disease;  The mineral zinc is another one of my favorite on the honorable mention list.  I will cover this soon.