Overly Fat and Unhealthy?

The Real Pandemic! • Part 1

You can’t be overly fat and be healthy!

The COVID-19 Pandemic has been a national crisis in the news and probably will be for the next year or so. But, there is a more damaging pandemic that needs to be addressed to prevent an even greater health crisis than the one we are now struggling with. The health of America does not look bright for the future. The pandemic that is the real issue is the overly fat American pandemic. The fat of Americans is crushing the health care system and destroying a once great nation. We have become a nation of weak, unhealthy, unfit people.

Out of 37 industrialized nations ranked by WHO (The World Health Organization), around the world, America ranks 37th, the unhealthiest country in the world. We are no longer the super power of the world. Not only are we the sickest country in the world, but we are also the fattest country in the world.  42% of white Americans are obese, 44% of Hispanics and 49% of black Americans are obese. However, a greater problem is that 91% of all American adults, and 56% of all children 2-19 years of age, are overly fat.

You might ask, what is “overly fat”?
Overly fat is referred to by a number of names such as, the pot belly, the beer belly, the bread belly, but it really just comes down to one thing, the bulging waist line. We have better health when we have some fat that supports our organs, glands, and bones, but excessive fat impairs our over-all health and it impairs our immune system. When the majority of fat is in the abdomen, it is a dangerous form of fat. The trouble with belly fat is that it’s not limited to the extra layer of padding located just below the skin (subcutaneous fat). It also includes visceral fat — which lies deep inside your abdomen, surrounding your internal organs. Regardless of your overall weight, having a large amount of belly fat increases your risk of cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, colorectal cancer, sleep apnea, premature death from any cause, and high blood pressure. Overly fat is really unhealthy and the beginning of many diseases. Here we have an unhealthy condition that can cause many diseases and possibly an early death that we can control, basically, by our food choices. If you eat too much and too much of the wrong, unhealthy foods, and exercise too little, you’re likely to carry excess fat — including belly fat. Also, your muscle mass might diminish slightly with age, while fat increases. Being overly fat is not just being out of shape, it is unhealthy and precedes many diseases.

Food is our medicine and our only medicine.
The answer to reduce belly fat and improve your health is a no sugar, no refined carbohydrate diet (white flour, refined grains), and for some people, possibly a very low, natural complexed carbohydrate diet, with moderate amounts of protein and plenty of healthy, natural fats. To learn more, go to: Ketogenic-diet-resource.com or, dietdoctor.com.

Overly fat and obese people are unhealthy people.  Sorry, there is no better way to say it.  Even if they have not yet been diagnosed with a disease, in all probability, they soon will be.

That quite honestly means 91% of Americans are unhealthy due to dietary and lifestyle choices which we can easily fix and change to prevent some of the major diseases that are killing millions of Americans each year. Millions die every year just from heart disease and cancer.

Men have the highest rate of belly fat and more men are dying from viral infection (COVID-19) than women. Belly fat is far more dangerous for men than for women. What lights the fire of inflammation in our bodies? There are several ways that our bodies are chronically inflamed.

Belly fat is not just a glob of fat, it’s a metabolic, active organ that is a significant source of INFLAMMATION AND ESTROGEN in both men and women. Overly fat women have a higher risk of dying from breast cancer than their leaner counterparts, and prostate cancer in men.

98% of all disease is caused by a chronic inflammatory process. Whether it’s heart disease, type-2 diabetes, inflammation of the lungs, cancer, or the many types of arthritis that are caused by inflammation, we are a nation of inflammation and pain.

What does overly fat have to do with COVID-19? The excess fat not only impairs the metabolic function of the body but also the immune system, which is our natural, built in vaccine.

The virus doesn’t necessarily make us sick or kill us, unless we are already so unhealthy that we don’t have the bodily resistance to defend against the invasion of a virus outbreak. The virus will only cause sickness or death if we are unhealthy, too overly fat, weak and frail, elderly and/or having an underlying health condition. The #1 underlying health condition, regardless of age, and a common denominator for disease is overly fat and obesity. Age is not a factor that causes or prevents viral infection or disease, but the state of our health is the determining factor. Either we are healthy or we are unhealthy. And only YOU can make yourself healthy, drugs or vaccines do not make anyone healthy and doctors have no knowledge of health.

You and I can make sure we are lean, fit and healthy. Yes, we can fix the problem and own the answer to disease. You can toss out the unpredictable BMI and the scale. What you need to know is your waist measurement in relationship to your height. Your waist should be 50% of your height. If you are 6 feet (72 inches) tall, divide it by 2 and your waist should be 36 inches.

Our body does not require drugs to be healthy, nor doctors, but in a time of crises, drugs and doctors can save lives. What our bodies, including our immune system, require to be able to function at a peak optimal level, are vitamin and minerals that science has proven in thousands of studies to keep us and our immune system healthy.